Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Update continued...

Sorry about that, when a baby calls, you have to oblige!

Anyways, here's some more professional pictures taken in July: My favorite of Amanda & Mike:

And of me and Amanda:

Finally, these last two were the photographer's idea. That's actually our wedding rings in her hands. When I saw these, I almost cried!

6 month update

First, some cute pics from my nephew's first birthday party July 14. Since he was born on a Friday last year, his birthday fell on a Saturday this year. Lucky boy :) Anyway, this was the first time he ever tasted cake, so here are some cute pics of that:

And a cute one of Amanda sitting with Daddy on the couch. She can sit upright on her own now, and according to my books, it's just a matter of time until she figures out the coordination to crawl!

And we took Amanda's 6 month family portraits in July. We got some really good ones! Sorry if these are small, but they don't really give us big ones on-line.
My favorite one of the whole family:

My favorite of just Amanda:

I'll be back with more... Amanda's calling...