Monday, December 21, 2009

The Christmas Spirit

Pictures, as promised :)

First, Amanda's holiday program at school. They each wore a reindeer hat and sang "Rudolph" while walking down the aisles and jingling bells they carried. Amanda was very shy as usual with her hand in her mouth.

Our holiday card photo:

Amanda found my Santa hat and shoes and walked around the living room with them both on:

Sunday I baked for 8 hours straight. I made cookies for all the daycare workers, as well as for Christmas dinner. Kevin watched from his bumbo:

The results. Candy cane sugar cookies and Poinsettia cookies:

Chocolate pretzels with m&ms
And Chocolate Peppermint Pinwheels (these are delicious by the way!)

It's beginning to feel like Christmas

Today is Dec. 21st, and I'm finally starting to feel like Christmas. With everything going on with a new baby, and then flying to Illinois with said baby, I didn't even start Christmas shopping until Dec. 2. That is so not like me (I like to be DONE by the day after Thanksgiving), so it's no surprise that panic started to set in around Dec. 3 and I've been feeling more like a chicken with it's head cut off, than Santa.

Which explains why I've been neglecting the blog.

And by the way, I'm still not done with my shopping. *sigh* Every time I think I'm done, something reminds me I should have gotten a gift for so-and-so and then I have to come up with something, and then I'm at Toys-r-us at 10 o'clock at night when I should be at home sleeping... Sleeping? What's that? You would think with 2 children who sleep 12+ hours every night I would be getting plenty of rest. But no...

And the weather isn't helping much. It's been 75-80 degrees every day. It doesn't feel like winter! But it's supposed to finally cool down and rain tonight. I'm hoping to curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy the rain from inside next to the fireplace. Yes, that sounds nice...

Anyway, so I baked yesterday like a madwoman. 8 hours straight, so the daycare ladies would have some homecooked goodness as part of their holiday gifts. 3 new recipes, only one of which really turned out good. But I think the baking and listening to Christmas carols finally got me in the Christmas spirit. That and Amanda did a great job helping me roll out the dough and sprinkling sugar in the appropriate places (instead of screaming). Yes, yesterday was a good day, despite the dissappointing results.

Pictures to follow once I get them uploaded...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's the holiday season

So we flew to Illinois for Thanksgiving this year, and I DID remember my camera, but FORGOT the charger for the battery. So after Amanda got ahold of it on the plane ride out there, I no longer had battery to take any pictures. I got 2 pictures total. One of Amanda on the plane (this is why she insisted on playing with the camera. I'm still kicking myself for bringing the camera out!) and one of Kevin in his "First Thanksgiving" onesie.

Isn't Kevin getting chubby? I love baby fat :)

This is once we got home and I charged the battery, Amanda is trying to get the camera from me. She is really interested in playing with it!!

And here we are decorating the FAKE Christmas tree. We were supposed to go with my family to cut down a real one, but Amanda got sick, so we couldn't go and decided just to put the fake one up.