Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Saturday we attended my nephew Andrew's t-ball game. It's not really a competitive game, just fun for the 4 year olds. 2 innings, each inning each kid gets a turn at-bat and then it's over. Fun!

Here's Aunt Ilene, Amanda & Grandma watching the game:

Getting some pointers from Dad at 1st base.

Playing with his socks in the field.

And watching a runner go by.

Kevin's Baptism

On April 18 we had Kevin baptised at our Church. It was very successful (just like Amanda), and the pastor said he was one of the most easy children he's had.
Before, waiting for the service to start.

The slide announcing Kevin's big day.
The whole family was invited up for the actual ceremony. I don't have any good pictures of when he was getting the water poured on his head :(

Being presented to the congregation afterwards.

Posing for pics with Pastor Roche

Kevin just can't keep his hands to himself!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter!

Amanda & Daddy left for a bit, so I threw Kevin into part of his easter outfit for a quick photo shoot.

And here's a pic from bathtime. He loves to play with those turtles!