Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cutest face ever

I took this pic a couple weeks ago when we walked to the bakery to order Amanda's b-day cake. Kevin got an Elmo cookie that he devoured.
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My turn to whine

Sometimes I feel like I shoulder all the whining in my house.  Amanda whines about almost everything, from food, to toys, to not getting her way.  I'm pretty sure that's typical for a 4 year old.  Mike whines about a lot too.  His arms hurt, his back hurts, this isn't what he wants for dinner...  Kevin, well, he can't talk yet, but he sure finds ways to get upset at everything too.

So now it's my turn to whine.
I had LASIK surgery on January 6.  In the months leading up to it, I was SO excited.  I was going to get to ditch my contacts/glasses for good (which I've been wearing since I was 9!)!  Well, we are now 3 weeks out, and my left eye is still blurry.  It's progressively getting better, and the doc says it's due to dryness that should clear up, but it is still frustrating.  I paid a lot of money to see clearly, and everyone assured me it was worth it, but now I'm starting to doubt that.

I also had a root canal on Monday.  Yes, my first root canal.  I'm not even sure I really needed it.  I had no pain, but a filling fell out and the dentist claimed he couldn't put a new one in without hitting the nerve and getting it infected.  So off I went to the root canal specialist.  In general it's comparable to getting a filling.  They numbed me up and I felt nothing during the procedure.  Afterwards my jaw has been sore for 3 days now, but the tooth itself isn't painful at all.  Just frustrating not to be able to open my jaw and eat big burgers and sandwiches!

And I have been sleeping terribly lately as well.  Kevin has started waking up 2-3 times a night and crying until someone comes in and helps him find a pacifier.  I want to ditch the pacifier (he'll be 18 months this week!), but he seems so much more dependent on it than Amanda was, so I am hesitating to do it.  He moves up to the Infant III class next week and I think they don't allow pacifiers there (they sleep on mats, instead of in cribs), so hopefully that will help with the transition and we can ditch them in the next month or so.

On the plus side, as you can see from my below post, I got a new phone!  A Droid.  So much fun!  It's amazing how much these things can do.  I have spent countless hours downloading apps and playing with everything I can get my hands on.  Tons different from my old phone which had the slowest mobile web known to man.

I also got the 'ok' from Mike to get a new zoom lens for my camera.  I am actually thinking of waiting for a bit though.  I am feeling lately like my photos just aren't great, and like 1 out of every 50 is really what I want it to be.  So I'm thinking I might take a photography class first and then invest in some more lenses once I'm more comfortable using my camera the way I want to.  The problem is finding one...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Trying a post from my phone!
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Isn't it Ironic

So ever since the middle of December or so it has been uncharacteristically chilly here in LA.  I was wearing sweaters to work that I hadn't brought out in years.  And finding out I didn't have enough to wear one each day of the week.  Then I got a catalog that Lands End was having a big sale (with free shipping) and I jumped on the band wagon and decided to get a few more sweaters for my collection.  I also ordered some new snow boots since my old ones wore out last year.  Mike got a gift certificate to Mountain High for Christmas and we were planning to use it. 

I ordered them a little over a week ago.  Then late last week it started to warm up.  And this weekend, it got even warmer.  I took the kids to the zoo on Monday and it was 89 degrees!  EIGHTY NINE DEGREES PEOPLE!  In the middle of winter!

And guess what decided to show up.  That's right, my sweaters.  On Monday.  When it was 89 degrees.

How's that for irony?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Toys, toys and more toys!

So one of the curses delights of having a large family is that the kids get a lot of presents for all the holidays.  Mike & I each have 2 sisters, 3 of which are married, plus both sets of grandparents and my maternal grandparents (the kids' great grandparents) are still alive as well.  So you can imagine Christmas is just full of presents galore.

Here is Kevin playing with his MegaBloks table from Santa:
January2011 002

Amanda received WAY too much little stuff for her new kitchen, so we exchanged one of them at Toys R Us and let her pick something out.  She picked out a play-doh ice cream making set.

Kevin doesn't get to play with play-doh yet because he eats it, so he watched from below the table.
Then I took him outside for some play time with his bubble machine :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Illinois Pictures

I posted most of our pictures on facebook, but here are some of my favorites from our Illinois trip.
Christmas 2010 156
Christmas 2010 155
Christmas 2010 201
Christmas 2010 222
Christmas 2010 284
Christmas 2010 291
Christmas 2010 462

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We're back!

Well, we survived another trip to Illinois for Christmas.  This year there was already snow on the ground when we arrived!  I have a ton of pictures, but haven't had time to upload any yet.

Kevin ended up getting very sick.  He came down with a cough the week we were leaving, and it elevated to a low-grade fever by Wednesday (we kept him home from daycare).  It broke some time Wed. night, and we flew on Thursday.  He was the picture of excellence on the plane.  Slept through most of it, played nicely with his sister.  But didn't sleep a wink that night.  It was like having a newborn again!  He cried every 1/2 to one hour, and neither of us got any sleep.  So Friday (Christmas Eve) I ended up at Urgent Care with him where they told me it was a good thing we brought him in.  He was apparently struggling to breathe, and had a double ear infection.  So he was on a nebulizer the rest of the time, and taking antibiotics and a steroid.  I might have gotten a picture of him with the nebulizer, except he would SCREAM through the entire treatment, and I ended up holding his arms down and preventing him from moving.  Fun times!

The rest of the time we played out in the snow, went sledding, went bowling (with SIX kids under 6!), and went to BounceTown.  The evenings, Grandma Mimi & Grandpa Mark very very nicely offered to babysit so Mike & I got out with some of our friends as well.  All in all, it was a good trip, and so great to see our family & friends that we haven't seen in so long!