Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We got a Swing Set!

So a bit late, but we purchased Amanda's birthday present this weekend... a new (to us) swingset! We bought it off of Craigslist from a family who's kids had outgrown it. It is in good condition though, and after Mike restains and seals it, it should be as good as new!
Peices all laid out:

Mike screwing in the slide
Me trying out the slide:
All set up!
Mike worked to re-stain and water seal it on Sunday, but I haven't gotten a new pic of it yet. Nor have I captured the intense fun Amanda has had going down the slide over and over and over and over... But I'll get to it!

Monday, February 16, 2009

General Update

Sorry, no pictures this time. I either forget my camera, or forget to pull it out lately. So goes the life of a preggo!

We headed to Laughlin, NV last weekend to check out the place. There's a river and a lake that we've heard is good for wakeboarding, so Mike wanted to maybe go out there this summer. We left Saturday and came back Monday. On the way out there we hit hail, and on the way back we hit rain, hail and SNOW in Victorville! Luckily Mike was driving (I would have freaked out!).

We stayed at the AVI Resort just outside of town and it was cold and rainy the entire time we were there. So needless to say Amanda & I were ready to go by Monday! I don't think I'll be venturing out in the 120 degree heat 8 months pregnant this summer, so it'll be all Mike and his friends (let him know if you're interested. The hotels are $30 a night and gambling is cheap). Fireworks are legal there though, so we did purchase some and set them off in the designated area. That was a ton of fun!

In preggo news, I started feeling a lot better last week (getting back my energy), and then had a setback this weekend when suddenly I couldn't take a 15 minute walk without feeling faint. This pregnancy is so different from the last (never had that problem!)... I don't even know what to expect next!

I purchased the Intelligender (www.intelligender.com) over the internet last week and used it as soon as I got it. Basically you pee in a cup and it's supposed to tell you the sex of the baby. It's only about 80% accurate, but it was still fun to take. The result was definitely BOY, so I am crossing my fingers, while still staying pessimistic. I'm 16 weeks along this week and it's the 20 week ultrasound that will tell us the gender, so only a month to go until we find out for sure!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Hairline predicts gender?

All those mommas of more than one kid, let me know if this worked for you:
(scroll to the bottom for explanation and pics)

It basically says if your first child's hairline is straight, the next kid is the same gender. If their hairline is pointed, the next kid is a different gender.

If this is true, we're in for another girl because Amanda's hairline is pretty straight.