Thursday, April 12, 2012


That's how old I turned last Friday (6th).  The whole thing came up about age at work during the week before.  I don't care who knows my age, nor do I try to hide it.  I have never understood why people do that?  Do they just want the attention it undoubtedly garners?  People used to tell me it would change as I got older, but it hasn't.  I still don't care.  I will shout to the world I AM 34!

Anyway, my birthday fell on Good Friday this year, so the kids & I had the day off.  I had originally thought we'd go to the zoo, but then decided on a playdate with a friend instead (the zoo was probably going to be super crowded!).  The kids had fun, and then we went to McDonald's for lunch (yes, I had McDonald's for my birthday lunch!  That's how I roll...).  After naps I took the kids to see "Mirror, Mirror" which they both really enjoyed.  We were supposed to go out to dinner with Mike afterwards, but it was getting late and we had filled up on popcorn, so he made us Spaghetti instead.  Then we went out on Saturday night.

We had a good Easter that weekend as well.  The kids had FOUR egg hunts.  One at school on Thursday, then at a Church party on Saturday, then the Easter Bunny on Sunday morning and the last one at my parent's house Sunday evening.  I was surprised at how little candy they got.  Obviously I could control the Easter Bunny eggs, but the Church one (all donated eggs) consisted of mostly toy-filled eggs, and the one at school was pretty light on candy as well.  The only one with heavy candy was the one at my parent's house (Grandma couldn't resist I guess).  Then we went to the dentist on Tuesday.  Luckily, no cavities this time!  Hurray!