Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June already?

Where does the time go?  Oh wait, I was stressing about schools... ha ha!

So now that I can rest easy (I turned in all enrollment stuff yesterday!  Woohoo!) about schools, I can focus on the end of Amanda's preschool years.  The school is having a whole graduation ceremony for the kids on June 20 at 11am.  Ugh, talk about an inconvenient time!  Guess I'm taking the whole day off...

They sent home graduation pictures in their cap & gown last week, and I went on-line to check them out.  When we first turned in sizes/money for the cap & gown we were told they would all be in green, but apparently they changed their minds and put the girls in yellow.  And UGH did Amanda's turn out terrible.  Yellow is definitely not her color, and the photographer did not do a very good job getting her to smile like the last school photographer did.