Thursday, April 24, 2008

April fun

Last weekend was filled with fun times! First, on Saturday. Our computer is currently in our guest room since we lost the "office" to the nursery when Amanda was born. Mike stores his comic book collection in there as well. I sat down Saturday morning to check my e-mail and after a few minutes looked over to find this:
The little rugrat had figured out how to open the cupboard and was taking ALL the comic books out! She thought she was just hilarious!
Sunday, we headed to my parent's house to celebrate mine and my sister Erin's birthdays. Amanda loves going outside, so she went out back and found a chair that she insisted on sitting in like a big girl. So I grabbed some shots:

A little later, my dad decided to show her the fish tank. She was FASCINTED by the fish inside!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Beach Day!

This past weekend was HOT here in SoCal, so we headed to the beach to cool off on Sunday. When we first got there, Amanda playing with the sand:

Then I changed her into her swimsuit and Mike snapped a pic of us before heading down to the water:
Deciding if she's going to like the cooooooold water:

No Mommy, I don't like the cold water! Get me out of here!
Holding her because she wouldn't go back down into the water again:
So, back to the shade where she amused herself for the better part of an hour putting sand into and out of a peice of tupperware I brought to build sandcastles with:

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday to Me!

I turned 30 this past Sunday April 6. It was a good weekend. I took Friday off of work because Amanda's daycare had a "staff development" day and were closed. We went shopping in the morning, and then headed over to my work to show off how Amanda is running around now. She took a few minutes to warm up, but after she decided she could, she took off running all around the floor! It was too funny!

Saturday we hung around the house and then went to an early dinner at Chili's. Came home and hosted a poker game for some friends. Sunday we dropped Amanda off at my mom's and headed up to Mountain High for some snowboarding. There wasn't much snow left (it was definitely the last weekend they were open), but I had fun. I hadn't been able to go yet this season because I think I broke my toe in January, but I was finally able to make it this time. We left by 3:30pm and after picking up Amanda headed out to dinner at CPK.

I seem to have hit a major plateau with the weightloss. I dropped 10 pounds so easily at first, and now I can't seem to lose any more. The last 2 weeks I've just stagnated, despite my best efforts at more exercise and less calories. I may have to actually join some weight watchers meetings rather than just continuing to follow the plan. There's obviously something I'm missing!

Without further ado, here are some pictures of Amanda on Saturday. My mom has some pictures from when I was little of me in a rocking chair reading "Goodnight Moon". Saturday Amanda wanted up into her rocker and started reading the same book, so I snapped some pictures of her. So cute!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

More pictures (I know you love 'em!)

At Tracey’s request, I had Mike snap a few shots of me with Amanda, since I’m usually the one behind the camera.  I was laying on the couch after a long day at work, and Amanda wanted to crawl up with me.

After she bored of that, she crawled down and started looking at her baby pictures.  Happy baby loves to look at herself :D

And last weekend my sister and mom babysat while Mike and I finally went out for our anniversary/Valentine’s Day.  My mom bought a bubble maker and Amanda LOVED it!