Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas from Illinois!

No pictures this time!

We flew from Long Beach to Illinois on Thursday December 20 and surprisingly had an easy time! I booked our seats on JetBlue with an empty seat in the middle, hoping no one would book it and we'd have a "free" seat for Amanda, but alas no luck. It was still unbooked the day before, but sometime between 10:30am Wednesday and 10:30am Thursday, someone booked it. So Amanda sat in my lap the whole time. However, she did really good! She slept during the whole first hour, including take-off, then ate and played the rest of the time. I had her suck on a pacifier during descent and she watched out the window as we landed. She didn't seem to have any problems with her ears!

Amanda's Uncle Mark picked us up at the airport, and we headed to Grandma Mimi's house where a surprise awaited us! Mimi and her Mark announced they were engaged (as of about an hour before)! We are so excited for them!

Friday was spent at home until the afternoon, when we joined Amanda's Aunts (Laura & Kathy) and their kids (Alison and Zach) for a trip to an indoor water park! Pictures are forthcoming after I can download my pictures at home. Amanda had a ton of fun! She played in the shallow baby area, then we took a couple laps around the lazy river before warming up in the hot tub. Did I mention it was a balmy 82 degrees inside?? Such a relief from the 37 degree freezing temperature outside! After a quick dinner, it was back to Mimi's for the annual "neighbors party" where all the neighbors got to meet Amanda for the first time.

Tomorrow several more family members are coming over to meet Amanda, and then it's on to the Christmas festivities.

I hope everyone is enjoying the balmy CA weather that I'm sure is much warmer than it is here, and that everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

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