Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Today's been a weird day.

Amanda had her 18-month apointment at 9:30 this morning. I forgot. I got all the way into work (was there by 7:20am) and my boss arrived at 8am asking why I was here? I looked at him quizzically before he said "I thought you had a doctor's appointment today". Oh crap. Was able to stop Mike from taking her to daycare in time, and still made the appointment with plenty of time to spare.

The usual, she's healthy, making all the usual milestones for an 18-month old. In fact, he said her vocabulary is actually past a lot of other 18-month old's. And that was before I even told him all the words she was saying, as she babbled about shoes and socks and niy-niy...

Got (back) to work about 11:15 and just got rocked by an earthquake at 11:42am. ya that was fun. We're on the 36th floor, and building is on rockers, so we swayed for a good 5 minutes before it stopped.

We're fine, in case anyone is worried. The epicenter was near Chino Hills which is a good 30 miles east of us, so we just got a slight jolt.

Pictures to follow when I get a chance to upload them of the last couple of weeks...

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