Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Isn't it Ironic

So ever since the middle of December or so it has been uncharacteristically chilly here in LA.  I was wearing sweaters to work that I hadn't brought out in years.  And finding out I didn't have enough to wear one each day of the week.  Then I got a catalog that Lands End was having a big sale (with free shipping) and I jumped on the band wagon and decided to get a few more sweaters for my collection.  I also ordered some new snow boots since my old ones wore out last year.  Mike got a gift certificate to Mountain High for Christmas and we were planning to use it. 

I ordered them a little over a week ago.  Then late last week it started to warm up.  And this weekend, it got even warmer.  I took the kids to the zoo on Monday and it was 89 degrees!  EIGHTY NINE DEGREES PEOPLE!  In the middle of winter!

And guess what decided to show up.  That's right, my sweaters.  On Monday.  When it was 89 degrees.

How's that for irony?

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