Monday, October 15, 2012


We live in a city.  I know this.  So I suppose I shouldn't be upset that our neighborhood isn't like the one I grew up in the Suburbs.  But I am.  It upsets me that kids aren't out playing in the street until they get called in by their parents.  It upsets me that I can't walk outside and see other moms I can lament with.  Don't get me wrong, we do know several of our neighbors.  But I feel like they're not nearly as friendly as the group I grew up with in the "Valley".  We've lived here for almost 8 years, and I just barely met one of our neighbors this summer!

Anyway, the whole reason this came up is because one of our neighbors seems to have it out for us.  Our new boat doesn't fit into our backyard, so we've been parking it on the street in front of our house since January.  In order not to inconvenience anyone else (everyone in our neighborhood parks on the street), I've been backing my truck into the backyard instead.  So really, no one is inconvenienced, see?  We use the space in front of our house that was previously used by my truck, for the boat, and I park my truck in the backyard.  Well, starting about 3 weeks ago, parking enforcement trucks started showing up.  We got chalked twice.  The second time, Mike happened to be home, so he went out to talk to the guy.  Turns out one of our neighbors is calling and complaining about an "abandoned" boat on the street.  He can't tell us who, but he told Mike when the call was made.

What irks us both is that this SOB hasn't said anything to us.  You can't leave a neighborly note on the door if you're too cowardly to come say something to us in person?  And really, what does a boat parked in front of OUR house hurting them?  Like I said, we've done our best to minimize the impact to anyone else, yet someone is still complaining.

So much for neighborly neighbors.


Erica said...

Oh man, I get it. We got a typed up letter from one of our neighbors about our propane tank in the backyard by the BBQ. To be fair, we live on a lagoon so we can all see each others back yards but still. At least they didn't call the BBQ police.

Belle of the Blues said...

So frustrating! We had a neighbor who was so rude to us all the time, said mean things about my kids, etc. I made them brownies, brought over orange julius, wrote thank-you notes. I even asked if I could do anything to help out when he had his arm in a sling from surgery and he literally laughed in my face. Jerk. I was so glad when he moved away. Hope your situation gets better!

Tricia Krokaugger McReynolds said...

It sure seems like neighbors can really suck! What's the most frustrating for me is I don't know WHO it is! I can't even approach them and find out why they care so much!