Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Latest Fortune Magazine

I'm going to divert a bit from the family for a moment, so skip this post if you don't want to read about current events...

Anyway, if you haven't read it, there is an article in the latest Fortune Magazine called Melinda Gates Goes Public. It's an amazing article about an amazing woman. She is what I aspire to be like. Have you seen pictures of her? Does she *look* like the wife of a multi-billionare? No. She's so down-to-earth and not so plastic and made up that you don't recognize the real her anymore. I love that about her. I like that she has stayed true to her own self-image and hasn't given in to the pressures of being "perfect" in the public eye. And she runs the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which gives more charitable contributions than you and I will ever see in a lifetime. Amazing. Anyway, I don't want to go on an on about it, so just read the article if you have time, it's very eye-opening.

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