Monday, January 14, 2008

Quick update

Not much going on here.  Amanda has the bug that's been going around.  Last Tuesday night/Wednesday morning she started vomiting.  I couldn't get her to hold anything down all day Wednesday or Thursday.  She started getting better Friday and by Sunday she seemed back to normal.  But I sent her to daycare today only to get called in the afternoon that she had thrown up again and I had to come get her.  *sigh*  No fever, and other than not eating she seems fine.  We went to the doctor on Friday and he said it's just been going around, and not much I can do for her except try and get her to drink liquids and not get dehydrated.  So we are waiting.............

Meanwhile, I got a new dining room table last week!  Funny story actually.  I've been bugging Mike for years to get a new table, but he didn't want to spend the money.  Then last weekend we were talking about remodeling the kitchen (which is when we had agreed we'd get a new dining room table), and Mike mentioned he would like to get a table that is small and round (we have a very small dining room), but that you can open and add leaves to.  I said good idea!  Then I was looking through the newspaper and saw an ad for Cost Plus World Market - they were having a 50% off all furniture sale, and there it was, the perfect table!!  So I called all around and finally found one in Northridge.  We got an awesome deal (which made Mike happy), and it's exactly what I wanted!

Here's Amanda playing with the box while Mike was assembling everything:

And here's Mike all spread out assembling a couple of the chairs.

And here's the table set up tonight!  

As you can see my hutch no longer matches, but I think we're just going to put up with it for now and when we remodel the kitchen, I'm going to knock down the wall between the kitchen and dining room and put a bar there that will serve as my "buffet".  Now I just need to convince Mike to remodel the kitchen sooner rather than later!!

Amanda turns 1 on Thursday (the 17th), and that Saturday (the 19th) we're having a small party for her.  So I'll probably  have pics from that soon.

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