Monday, March 10, 2008

Off and Running!

Ok, so 2 weeks ago, Amanda wouldn't take a step on her own to save her life.  And this weekend, she started practically running around without me!  It always seems like she makes progress in spurts, and this is no exception.  Once she decided she could walk, she has just taken off!

First, some pictures of the zoo from Thursday.  Here's a little zoo trivia I'm sure my zoo friends will know the answer to , but leave me a comment if you think you know:
What is the difference between Sea Lions and Seals?
Which... leads me into my first picture of Amanda watching the Sea Lions.  

This is the first exhibit when you walk in the zoo, and I *know* this wasn't there before.  It's pretty neat, with a glass side to the water so you can see them swimming under the water.

On to the flamingos, here's Mike holding her up to see them since the hedge was blocking her view.

And the last good shot I got was the giraffe, from Amanda's point of view.

Moving on... Saturday in the morning I caught Amanda and Sophie both trying to get out of the security gate on our front door.  Sophie kept running away, so I didn't get a good shot, so this is the closest I got.  Imagine them both with their hands (front paws) on the gate, like they are trying to get out.  I'm such a mean mom, I keep them all cooped up

In the afternoon, we headed to my parents' house to celebrate Mike's birthday (which was the 4th).  Everyone headed outside to play some basketball, of which Amanda had to partake.  I *love* this shot I got of her :)

And, carrying the ball to Daddy...

Here's a shot of my nephew playing on the computer.  He's so cute, he even knows how to use the mouse!  What a smartypants!

Andrew is also into kisses and hugs, which he felt Amanda needed a lot of.  Here's Amanda trying to climb the stairs and finding Andrew trying to give her a hug!

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Susanne said...

Its amazing how FAST they go from timidly moving one foot at a time to running, isn't it? That really startled me the first time around. Its a whole new world of baby-proofing!

Sea lions have ears. And seals don't. External ones, anyhow. That's just one difference, I know!