Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Carving pumpkins Thursday night. Amanda dug right in!

Our front porch. That's "Ben B. Headed"

My pumpkin. I went a little different and carved a ghost instead of a face.

Mike's pumpkin. It's supposed to be looking confused-edly at the dart in it's forehead.

My "costume" for work. We were told we had to be "serious" this Halloween, we think in case the media got ahold of us having "fun", so I went as Sarah Palin. I don't see a costume, do you? I had a MUCH bigger reaction that I thought I would. I spent all morning being marched around the floor so everyone could see. All but 3 people figured out who I was trying to be.

Friday night, getting ready for trick-or-treating. Amanda did surprisingly well with the wings!

Getting her pumpkin to go out with.

Getting candy from the neighbor.

Amanda couldn't believe we were allowing her to take candy from our neighbor, it took her several minutes and several glances at us to make sure it was "ok". Then when she finally took it, she wouldn't let it go. She carried that lollipop in her hand as we went to 4 more houses. I finally had to pry it from her fingers before putting her to bed. I let her eat it the next day, and she LOVED it!

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