Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Tree!

Yesterday was our annual Christmas tree outing. This is a tradition we've been doing since we were kids. My parents have been good friends with two families since they were all in high school together, and we've always gone to cut down our Christmas tree with them the first weekend in December. We used to go out to Moorpark to a place called Holiday Forest that was HUGE, but they stopped carrying the monterey pine a few years back, so now we go to a tree farm up in Santa Clarita that's not as big, but has fairly good trees.

My mom with Amanda before we went in.

Amanda looking at all the trees, unsure if she should follow into them.

Amongst all the trees, trying to figure out how to find the voices she hears.

And helping Mommy carry the tree out of the farm.

This was later in the evening, during dinner afterwards. Her and Andrew laid down on the ground and started rolling around screaming. It was hilarious.

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