Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Holidays are here!

Sorry I don't have any pics of Thanksgiving. It was pretty non-eventful. And I was sick. So through my fog, I forgot to take any pictures. Oh well, such is life.

Friday (or Saturday?) I took out some of the Christmas decorations and Amanda had to help. Here she is carrying the flag so we can go put it up in front of the house.

And these are from the bathtub last night. I bought her those Crayola bathtub markers and for a long time she couldn't seem to figure out how to use them, but last night she figured it out! She had so much fun drawing on the bathtub walls, and the greatest thing was that I could wipe it off and she could start again!

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Susanne said...

Aren't those things the best? I also love the little dye tablets you can stick in to dye the water fun colors. Looks like you had fun X-mas tree hunting too!