Monday, March 16, 2009

Good news!

Sorry for being cryptic, last week was a little rough on our little family. I took a 16 week test called the expanded AFP (also called the triple or quad screen) that screens for possible genetic problems with the baby. With Amanda, everything was negative, so that's what we figured would happen this time. Well, instead we got a positive for neural tube defects this time. The neural tube is what develops into the spine and brain, so if there is a problem it most commonly leads to spinal bifida. I got the call from the doc on Thursday, and couldn't get in to see the specialist until last Wednesday. The doc had told me a normal result is below a level of 2.5, and mine was a 2.7 so I wasn't too worried, but still nervous.

Wednesday afternoon we saw a counselor, and then the specialist. After a detailed ultrasound, he found nothing wrong with the baby. And, to make matters better, we found out we're having a BOY! We're both excited and relieved that nothing is wrong. I opted not to have the amnio, as there is no 100% with neural tube defects and the ultrasound is usually about 90% accurate on it's own. So now the planning for our little boy begins!

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