Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Cabinets were installed today!

But first, here's a pic of the pile of trash we had in our backyard for 2 weeks. They finally hauled it away this weekend.

The cabinets showed up in front of our house on the two trucks and the trailer you see here:

After just 3 hours I had some semblance of a kitchen again!
View from the dining room to the sink/fridge area:

Towards the dining room (new half wall and raised window). The cabinet on the right that's not installed yet is a special trash can cabinet that they have to custom make the base for. They are doing that tomorrow.

And my new pantry!! Just inside from the dining room. The stove with microwave above will go on the far left side of this picture.

Mike also set up a webcam for us to watch the guys work while we're at work, so if you haven't already check out (during the day... I shut it off at night)

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