Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pics from September

Sorry I've been lazy about posting here... I'm trying to enjoy Kevin's infancy and my maternity leave, as this will be my last!
Here are a few of Kevin being cute:

The "O" face (Amanda did the same thing!)

Kevin was great at holding his head up, even just a few days after birth. Here he is at about 5 weeks holding his head up like a pro!

More beach pics. After our successful beach trip with Mimi & Mark, Mike wants to go fairly often. So here we are at the beach again in September.

Mike dug a hole to get to the wet sand, and Amanda wouldn't climb in it until I did. So here is me standing in the hole, and then Amanda.

"Ok Mommy, I done"
The day after Labor Day, our daycare was closed for a Staff Development Day so I had both kids all day by myself. I attempted to take Amanda to a Children's Museum in Norwalk, but discovered when we got there that it was closed until October. So we played in the adjoining park where they had some dinosaur sculptures Amanda climbed on:

This was inspired by a photographer I saw on Oprah that poses little babies in these adorable positions. I tried to do the same with Kevin and got the following pic that I think turned out pretty good :)

And here's my best shot of the "Oh my gosh, look at me!" face that Kevin does when he sort of stands up on my lap.

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