Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's the holiday season

So we flew to Illinois for Thanksgiving this year, and I DID remember my camera, but FORGOT the charger for the battery. So after Amanda got ahold of it on the plane ride out there, I no longer had battery to take any pictures. I got 2 pictures total. One of Amanda on the plane (this is why she insisted on playing with the camera. I'm still kicking myself for bringing the camera out!) and one of Kevin in his "First Thanksgiving" onesie.

Isn't Kevin getting chubby? I love baby fat :)

This is once we got home and I charged the battery, Amanda is trying to get the camera from me. She is really interested in playing with it!!

And here we are decorating the FAKE Christmas tree. We were supposed to go with my family to cut down a real one, but Amanda got sick, so we couldn't go and decided just to put the fake one up.

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