Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Future Chef?

It amazes me on a daily basis how much Kevin likes food. He has 1/2 of one tooth and he will still eat a dinner the same size that Amanda does with no problem. When he likes something he puts one arm up in the air with a peice of the food in his hand and babbles.

KevinCooks 001

It is absolutely hilarious to watch. The above picture, he was loving blueberries!

So tonight I was making pasta (a family favorite) and I had set up a step stool so I could get some spices out of a high cupboard. When I turned around, Kevin had started to climb up! So I spotted him and waited to see what would happen.

KevinCooks 002

He proceeded to pick up the spoon and imitate me stirring the pot!

KevinCooks 003

That would be me trying to hold him and prevent him from touching the hot stove, while still trying to take a picture (Mike wasn't home yet)

KevinCooks 006

Perhaps he is destined to be a chef? Only time will tell...

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Janice said...

That picture of him with his hand in the air is hilarious! What a cutie!