Thursday, August 19, 2010

Going Bananas

We have a banana plant in our backyard that was planted by the previous occupants. I can't stand the thing. It needs tons of water, and it is constantly starting up new shoots and taking over more of my backyard. But one thing it does is actually produce bananas. They are small, and kind of seedy, but they are bananas.

Mike just picked like two huge bunches of bananas that were all starting to ripen at the same time. We were all getting sick of eating bananas, so I decided to make a banana creme pie. The recipe I used called for whipped topping to be spread over the top, and that had to be defrosted in the fridge for 4 hours. So after dinner, when it had finally been 4 hours, I go to spread it. It was about Kevin's bedtime, so he was being fussy and wanted to be held. I picked him up, frosted the cake one handed, and then Kevin proceeded to grab the spatula from me and lick it clean.


He was loving the stuff!


Got it all over his face


But at least the pie was good :)


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