Thursday, December 16, 2010

What's been going on at our house.

Kevin has taken a liking to bubbles similarly to Amanda.  Here he is watching intently as the bubbles come out of our bath bubble machine.  If you look closely, he's got a bubble stuck to his head and he doesn't even know it!

Having two kids as opposed to the one has had it's share of challenges.  Now that Kevin is getting older, he wants to do EVERYthing Amanda does.  So we both find ourselves fighting off kids who want all the attention on themselves.  This first picture is one night Mike got out the massager to help his sore arms.  Both kids wanted to play with it too!

Kevin likes the massager too, it seems to help his sore gums when he's teething

And here are some pics from over the weekend.  I made caramel brownies to bring to a christmas party.  Just getting stuff out of the cupboard was a challenge!

Amanda helped me make the brownies.  She helped unwrap all the caramels, and had so much fun doing it!

And enjoying a brownie straight out of the oven!

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