Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We love ducks!

Sorry for the lack of posts, life is just really busy lately!  These pictures are actually from Mike's birthday - March 4.  The kids had the day off for a "staff development day" so I took them to have lunch with Mike at a place near his work called The Water Garden.  It's this beautiful complex of buildings that surround an area of ponds with fountains and areas to sit and eat.  There are always ducks there as well that the kids love to feed and watch.

Kevin chased the pigeons for quite a long time:

I had to really keep an eye on him so he didn't go in the water!

Amanda enjoyed watching the ducks too, she kept yelling at them to come to her!

We eventually wandered over to one of the buildings and Kevin tried to walk between two planters.  He almost got stuck, but made it through.

Finally, before we left, he found a stick and played with it in the water, almost like fly fishing!