Friday, June 24, 2011

Something interesting

I wish I had something totally interesting to tell you guys.  Something earth shattering and oh-so-interesting.  But I don't.  I feel very uninspired lately.  Most days I'm lucky to make it through the day before collapsing into bed, exhausted.  I really don't know how people do it with more than 2 kids.  I thought one was hard, but not too bad.  But two kids has been one challenge after another.

Kevin is at the age where he is not quite able to get across what he wants to tell you, so he gets frustrated.  And cries.  And cries.  Some nights I just want to throw something at the wall I get so tired of all the crying!  And he is *not* into cuddles anymore.  I miss my Kevin cuddles, he was definitely a cuddler when he was younger.  Amanda never really grew out of the cuddles.  She still wants to cuddle up to me all.the.time.  Most of the time I'm happy to oblige, but some days I just don't have time! 

We just went through transitioning Kevin to a "real" sippy cup.  He still needs his milk warmed up, and he refused to drink milk for about 2 weeks, but I think finally he might be transitioned.  He is the most stubborn kid when it comes to drinking his milk.  I couldn't get him off a bottle for the longest time, and we finally just had to go cold turkey.  Now comes the fun of trying to get him to take it cold...

Meanwhile, Amanda is trying to transition to no diapers at night.  Wow, has this been a disaster.  Everyone told me they "get" it after 2-3 nights.  Not my stubborn child!  We're going on a month now with about 3 nights total that she didn't wet the bed.  And two nights ago, she wet it FOUR times!

We are also babysitting my best friend's kitten right now.  I thought it would be fun, but really it is a lot of hard work.  I forgot how much attention/play time a kitten needs.  And poor Sophie does NOT like that another cat is in the house, so it is a job keeping them separated!  Amanda has had some issues because being a kitten, she doesn't always know to retract her claws when playing and Amanda has gotten scratched a couple of times.  Nothing to make her bleed, but Amanda is a very sensitive child and gets very upset easily.  So we've had a few crying fits.

Speaking of Amanda, my little girl somehow has 2 cavities in her molars that need to be filled.  She is *petrified* of the dentist so we had to get a referral to a pediatric dentist and they are going to have to put her to sleep in order to fill them.  So that whole thing goes down July 6.  What fun!  I am really at a loss on how she got these cavities in the first place.  I followed all the rules on limiting sweets, she never had a bottle in her crib, and has always brushed her teeth.  Only thing(s) I can think I did wrong are that she was given juice (starting at about 18 months) and I used the "training" toothpaste too long, perhaps that doesn't clean teeth as much as fluoride toothpaste?

Anyway, that's a smidgen of what is going on at our house right now.  I am still running, every other night.  I'm up to 3 miles in about 38 minutes if I really push myself (with walking at the beginning & end).  I have another 5k coming up in August, in which I'm hoping to do better than my previous 36 minute time.

When I get a chance I have some really cute pics of the kids playing in the backyard and the kitten we are babysitting.  Until then!

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Erica said...

Seriously with the crying and the whining! It burns! It burns!