Thursday, June 30, 2011


Ok, here we go.  After some difficulty getting these uploaded to Flickr, I have some pics for your enjoyment!

First series here, is one night we were playing in the backyard and for some reason Kevin wanted the basketball up in the tree.  So first Amanda tried to put it up there.
May-June 050

And when that didn't work, I had to do it.

May-June 084

Then, they had to try and climb up and get it!

May-June 095

The next pictures are Kevin in the trampoline. He likes to take some tennis balls in with him and throw them out to you. Then you have to throw them back in!

May-June 112
(pic with the ball on the way back in)
May-June 117

And here is Cali - the kitten we are babysitting. She LOVES Sophie's scratching post!
May-June 194

Here's Kevin trying to get her out of the little 'cabin' below
May-June 262

This kitten gets into everything, including my dishwasher!
Wine tasting 06-26-11 055
Wine tasting 06-26-11 062

And finally, here's a pic of Kevin trying on Daddy's shoes:
May-June 272

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