Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bath time fun!

So I joined a couple mom-inspired groups on facebook that post some interesting fun ideas for kids.  One of them was to make their bath glow.  They actually put highlighter ink in the water and used a blacklight, but seeing as how Kevin has a tendency to drink the bathwater still, I decided not to do that.  Instead, I purchased on Amazon some submersibe LED lights.  They are like the flameless candles, but waterproof and they rotate between colors.  The kids had so much fun in their bath!  I have also heard of using the glow sticks, though they are harder to find this time of year.  Here are some pics:
GlowInTheDarkBath 003 GlowInTheDarkBath 007 GlowInTheDarkBath 015

My OCD daughter had to line them up in a row GlowInTheDarkBath 021 GlowInTheDarkBath 027

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