Monday, June 25, 2007


So a little background of us first...
Mike & I (this is Tricia speaking) met over the internet in late 2000. After 2 1/2 years of dating, Mike proposed on the beach in Santa Monica on February 15, 2003.
The date was set, and almost a year later we were married on January 31, 2004.

For the next year and a half we lived in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment in West LA, saving up money for a house. For Christmas 2004, Mike got me our first baby: our cat Sophie. She is so named because the first night we had her she climbed up INSIDE our sofa and we couldn't find her for a good 3 hours.

Finally in July 2005, we bought our house in Westchester:

In January 2006 my sister announced she was pregnant and July 14, 2006 my nephew Andrew Ryan was born:

But, maybe I should back up a little... for in May 2006 I found out I was pregnant with our first baby! I was due January 17, 2007. During the pregnancy I would have said it was it was horrible, but looking back I was probably exaggerating. Our Christmas card photo that shows about as big as I got:

I never got very uncomfortable, and never had the usual ailments, heartburn, trouble sleeping, etc. I was induced January 16, 2007, and ended up giving birth to a beautiful baby girl at 1:21am on January 17, 2007

She was 6 lbs, 8 ozs and 20.5 inches long. We named her Amanda Rose McReynolds.

Posting for now. I'll update on Amanda's progress over the last 5 months in a bit...

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