Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More pics!!

Some more recent pics:

This was one night in early June, I needed to clip my coupons and Amanda didn't want to play on her own, so I brought her into my lap and she "helped" me by eating some of the ads :)

This was right after we set up her high chair. Ok, she's a little too small for it still!

My dad hasn't shown much interest in holding his grandkids until last weekend when he offered to hold Amanda so I could eat my dinner. I had to take a pic!

(The following might be TMI for the guys...)
We are now on week 2 of transitioning Amanda to formula. So far, so good. She gets 2 bottles a day of formula, and the rest are still breastmilk. I think I'm suffering more than her. My body hasn't adjusted yet, and I am still in a bit of pain with the longer times between pumps. Hopefully that will go away soon.
Other than that, it's business as usual around here! We think she might be starting to teethe. She drools a LOT, sticks her fingers in her mouth all the time, gets pretty fussy for no reason, and has started waking up more during the night (though she goes right back to sleep). No bumps in her gums yet, but I believe that's right before they break through. So we'll see...!

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