Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Productive President's Day weekend

First, some pictures of Amanda in her swing. At first she was a bit unsure, but by the end she was loving it. Now it's the first thing she walks to out back, and immediately wants in.

Had a good long weekend too. Saturday night we had a poker game, so we spent the day cleaning up the house. My sister also stopped by on her way up to my parents', so I enlisted her help in keeping Amanda occupied while I took all of Mike's loose change from the past 4 years to a CoinStar machine. I got over $300 out of two coffee cans!! Crazy!!
Sunday after Church we came home and saw the neighbors were having a garage sale. Meandered on by, and found they were selling some window air conditioners for $10 each!! STEAL! So we bought one for when we have another kid, so they can have an air conditioner in their room as well (Mike & I have one, and we installed one for Amanda this summer too). We also headed down to Sportmart to try out some cardio machines. Mike wants one to go with his bowflex so I can work out with him, and he can do some cardio on the nights I'm not there. We decided on an exercise bike as it's more practical and I'm more likely to use it long-term than an elliptical *lol*. We came home and Mike checked out Craig's List and found the one we wanted for $150 (on sale at Sportmart for $300) in Orange County. He e-mailed her, but didn't hear back.
Monday we headed up to my parents' to have lunch with them and my sisters. Got to see my nephew who is just too cute! I forgot my camera (as usual), so I didn't get any pics :( We ate at the Salt Creek Grill which was YUMMY! I hope they open one near us soon!
Then in the afternoon, Mike finally heard back from the lady selling the exercise bike that it was still for sale, and we could pick it up any time! So after Amanda woke up from her nap, we headed down. Used the cash from the CoinStar, and brought home a new exercise bike! Woohoo!
So productive weekend - got an air conditioner AND an exercise bike for $160! Score!

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