Thursday, February 28, 2008

We have Liftoff!

Amanda is finally starting to walk on her own!! This last weekend I bought some snacktraps ( - LOVE these things!) and gave some crunchies to Amanda in one. She was standing on the other side of the room with the trap in one hand, and a snack in the other looking at me. I gave her a smile and she obviously wanted to come to me, but couldn't crawl with stuff in her hands! So she took two hesitant steps, then fell to her knees and started walking on her knees (don't I have a brilliant child?!?!). Since then, she'll take 5-10 hesitant steps without holding on to anything. She's FINALLY gaining some confidence! Only took what... 4 months??? I'll try and get some pics tonight, but so far the camera hasn't been handy when she does it.

Mike's off work for the next two weeks (comp time for all the overtime he did at the end of the year), so his friend Tom came to visit. Perfect timing too, because it's been really warm (mid-70's to low 80's) yesterday and today. Yesterday they went to Knott's Berry Farm, and today they're at the beach. Tom called home last night and found out it was 15 degrees in Chicago yesterday!! He was in shorts and complaining it was hot here! Ha ha, I LOVE California :)

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Susanne said...

Yea for Amanda working on the walking thing!! And for you parents... because pretty soon, you won't have to carry her everywhere. I'm glad to hear she is off and almost running.

OK> I LOVE those snack traps too! A friend gave me one for Simon's baby gift and I fell for it, head over heels. Had to go and buy another one!