Saturday, August 9, 2008

Vegas Baby!

Vegas was SO MUCH FUN!!!  And Amanda & Mike did fine without me.  I have much more confidence in leaving them now :)

So... I didn't take many pictures because we really just did a lot of sleeping, and a lot of shopping.  But when we did something else, I tried to take some pictures.  Here's us going in to see Mama Mia! on Wednesday night at the Mandalay Bay:
(left to right, Mary, me, Erin, Ilene)

And here's us all dressed up to go to the clubs on Thursday night:
(left to right, Erin, Ilene, me, Mary)

And in Studio 54 at the MGM:
(Ilene, Erin, Mary)

Other than that, we did do some gambling, though I just did a lot of LOSING.  We played some Pai Gow on Thursday after breakfast, and then some blackjack.  In the evenings though, it's impossible to even find a $5 table anywhere on the strip anymore.  Everything's $25 and up.  So we played some slots here and there, but for the most part really didn't gamble as much as I am used to when I go with the guys.  This was such a welcome change, and a needed break from the usual "mom" stuff.  I had such a great time, and I'm hoping we do something similar every year with just "the girls" :)

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