Friday, August 29, 2008

Gratuitous Bathtime shots & ketchup

I always forget my camera when I go to give Amanda a bath, but last night I just couldn't pass up the opportunity so I yelled at Mike to bring it to me. Here are the results:

(Notice her sippy cup... she HAS to have this at all times now. I don't know if it's a carry-over from daycare where other kids try to steal her cup, but she insists on always having it with her!)
(And yes, she was crying because she wanted to hold the camera. Not like I was going to let her have that in the bath!)
Next: killer bubbles!
Her bath bubble machine has started spewing out bubbles that get caught and begin "growing" down the bathtub wall (rather than blowing them out into the air like it should). This seems to frustrate Amanda to no end, and she screams when her bath turtles get "caught" in the bubbles. Here's her rescuing one of them:

And ketchup...
Tuesday night we stopped off on our way back from Home Depot and got some Jack-in-the-Box for dinner, which included fries. Mike decided to give Amanda some ketchup to dip her fries in. She *loved* it!
Mike showing her how to dip her fries in it:

And going to town:

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