Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No news is good news?

Still haven't heard anything from AIG on what's going to happen to us. The new CEO had a townhall meeting last week in which we got the usual "I'm going to do a good job for you" speech. He promised more communication than the last CEO at least...

What makes this more frustrating is the speculation surrounding the entire situation. Nothing is known to pretty much anyone outside the "inner circle", and all I read are various news articles speculating that AIG is going down. And then I hear this person and that company are interested in buying portions of the company, but I wonder if any of that includes our division?

Anyway, I have some pictures from this weekend - we went to the beach in Carlsbad (where we went for Mother's Day last year). Amanda had a ball playing in the sand, and Mike got some reall good waves for surfing. I'll post those pictures probably tonight or tomorrow.

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