Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Fun!

Sunday we joined my parents up at Mt. Pinos, a campground in the mountains that they frequent every year. I posted some pics of Amanda last year at Memorial Day in the same place. Anyhoo... my sister was there with my nephew and Andrew & Amanda had a ton of fun playing together. Here they've discovered the motorcyle trailer my dad brings his motorcycles on, and climbed up to play.

Andrew LOVES Motorcycles (or "bites" in his vocabulary :) ), and he loves putting on the helmet. He won't even take it off to talk on the phone!!

Mike also learned how to ride a motorcycle while we were up there, but I don't have his permission yet to post those pics...

Monday Amanda and I headed to my parents' house for a bbq. Amanda played the piano:

And watched Andrew play the piano...

My mom found an old Barbie motorized jeep that one of her neighbors had thrown out, so she picked it up and my dad cleaned it up. It doesn't have a battery yet, but that didn't stop Amanda from playing with it.

Then she let Andrew on to try and drive it.

And when that didn't work, they resorted to pushing it on their own.

Then Aunt Ilene brought out the chalk to draw on the tennis court, which the kids had fun with.

(Notice Amanda drawing on her shoes. Yes, Aunt Ilene taught her how to draw on herself.)

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