Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bikes & the avocado tree!

Amanda finally figured out how to ride the bike Aunt Ilene gave her for Christmas. Here's a few shots of her riding it down the block.

Amanda 035

We had an old avocado tree in our backyard that I loved, but it turns out after we installed a sprinkler system, we watered it too much, and we ended up helping to kill it. According to a few "experts" that came out, the moist soil probably bred a whole lot of eathworms that ate away at the roots, and eventually killed it. So yesterday we finally had it removed. Here's where it used to be:

And here's what it's been reduced to:

And here's Amanda in her relocated swing, on another tree in our backyard:

These are from tonight, we played outside for a while with Sophie in the neighbors yard:

(My new favorite picture of her)

And running down the block:

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