Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend update

Sorry it's taken a bit for me to post something new. I've been fighting a cold now for close to 2 weeks, so most nights I try to go to bed early. Here's some pics from this weekend though...

Amanda's Halloween costume (minus the wings). She's not thrilled about the tutu, but at least she'll wear it. The wings on the other hand... I'll be lucky to get her in those on Friday...

Our newly planted "baby" avocado tree. This came from our old avocado tree, probably a squirrel that planted one of the avocados that they stole along the far length of our backyard. Mike refused to kill any of the ones that sprung up so we have about seven now sitting in pots waiting to be transplanted. If anyone wants to try their hand at raising an avocado tree in their yard, let us know. Mike's always trying to pawn them off!

This is my mom's idea. I took a pic of Amanda next to the baby avocado tree (they're about the same height now) and I'll take more as they both grow... see which one grows faster *lol*

Amanda playing in the backyard.

And at the water table (her favorite spot)

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Adam said...

Dang...wish I knew about the avocado tree when I was there for poker.