Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Amanda!

Amanda turned 2 this Saturday the 17th. It was sort of a non-birthday birthday. We're having her party at the end of February when Mike's family is coming to visit. I sang "Happy Birthday" to her when she woke up, and several family members called to wish her a happy birthday, but other than that it was a normal Saturday. I don't think she knew the difference :)

Mike & I are looking into getting the kitchen remodeled. I think we found a custom cabinet guy, but after going to a local kitchen store, we're not sure we can knock down the wall between the kitchen and the dining room now. We have a finished attic above and the kitchen has a bump-out where the window is that starts at that wall, that both could be supported by beams inside that wall. Since it'll take 5-6 weeks to get cabinets, we don't want to put big holes in that wall now and live with it for 2 months while we wait for cabinets. And our house is so old, I don't think we can get the original plans anymore... so we're sort of at a standstill on where to go next in the process.


Adam said...

I did a quick check and if they're on file you should be able to get the blueprints here:

Tricia said...

Thanks Adam! I looked at that site too, but I think our house is too old. Houses built in the '40s were just built on vague plans, just like the house next door. I'm going to try and find another house on our block with the same floorplan and see if they've done any work on their house yet. Or, we may just start knocking holes in the wall!