Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A little late... portraits from Nov/Dec

Near the end of November we decided to have annual portraits done to give as Christmas gifts. In 2007 we had pictures done of Amanda with her cousin Andrew at JCPenney and didn't exactly have the best experience (Like I said... hit or miss). So this year we decided to have a freelance photographer friend (Thanks Alena!) take pictures of all of us at a local park. So my sisters and I, plus our two children got all spiffied up and headed to Balboa Park. Amanda seriously acted up and we didn't get the best pictures, but here are some of the best ones that I like.

This was our Christmas card photo:

And a cute one of Amanda.

All of us walking along the lake

Amanda was obsessed with Alena's bike and wanted to sit on it. But... the reason I'm posting this is you can see how skinny I've gotten from a side view! Holy cow, I still have my child-bearing hips, but side view, you can totally see how much weight I lost!

Gathering in a tree. We ended up not using this because my face is in so much shadow. Plus, Amanda would NOT put down her snacks. By the end we gave up and just took the picture with her holding it!

And this is the photo I think we ended up using (I thought it had ducks behind us though?)

This one is just cute. It shows Amanda playing peek-a-boo with Mike who's standing behind the camera *lol*

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