Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy 5th Anniversary!

Happy 5th Anniversary to Mike & I today! We're not planning much, just dropping Amanda off with my mom so we can go to dinner and a movie. Hey, when you're parents, you look forward to an afternoon without the kids!

Anyway, here are some pics from the last week or so...

Last weekend Mike's sister Kathy and her son Zach came out to visit us. We were supposed to go to Legoland, but Amanda got sick so we couldn't go. Here they are jumping on the trampoline Sunday morning.

Zach loved Sophie and was always running after her. Here is trying to coax her out from under the boat.

Amanda got this backpack for Christmas and up until now hasn't shown any interest in it, but the other night she was watching Dora and suddenly realized SHE had a backpack too! So she had to put it on and try it out!
And finally, Thursday night I left her alone in the bathroom for about 10 seconds so I could go grab some washclothes out of the dryer. When I got back, this is what I found...

Yes, she learned to flush.

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