Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kitchen remodel... underway!

Today began the task of remodeling our kitchen. Here's the before pics:

(this next shot shows where the fridge was SUPPOSED to go, but ours didn't fit)

(and this is where we "temporarily" put the fridge until we could remodel.... almost 4 years ago! There was a breakfast nook/table there when we moved in.)

This is how it looked after emptying everything out over the weekend and last night:

Mike took out the cabinet that is on the other side of the stove in the previous picture (just inside from the dining room), and found this behind it. That's a Joker card stuck to the wall, and the equivalent of $0.25 in change near the bottom. You can also see the various colors used in the kitchen over the years. What an ugly orange!!! Below you can see the old floor that was in the kitchen before our current linoleum.
And here is the "new" temporary home for the fridge - the dining room. It was crowded before, but it's downright stuffed now!

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