Friday, May 1, 2009

Update (no pictures yet)

So good news on the pregnancy front - I took my gestational diabetes test last Friday and got the results yesterday - I passed! Woohoo! No gestational diabetes with this pregnancy. Let the gorging begin!

Mike and I just got back from a glorious 4 day trip to New York. Neither of us had ever been, and we were supposed to go for my 30th birthday last year, but never made it. So only a year late, right? Amanda stayed at my mom's house, and my sister Ilene also stayed over to help watch her. It was the first time I've been away from her that long. She was not happy when we got back, but I think she's recovered nicely now (3 days later).
I have a ton of pictures, but of course no time to post right now.

We are also starting on the kitchen remodel process. After a harrying couple of weeks, we finally settled on getting custom cabinets, which will be ready in about 4 weeks. Demo should start on the kitchen in about 2 weeks, and soon after we'll have a brand new kitchen, with a place where the fridge fits!! I'll post before, during and after pics when the time comes.

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