Thursday, May 7, 2009

New York, New York!

Mike & I headed to New York for a quick vacation last week. A 4 day vacation away from the kid. Amanda stayed with Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Ilene and had a blast!

Anyway, here's my account of our trip together:
We left Saturday April 24 from Burbank, directly to JFK on JetBlue (yay individual tv's!)
We took a cab from the airport, through a tunnel:

and saw the tall skyscrapers of Manhattan:

Sunday we headed to Liberty Island to see the Statue of Liberty.
Here's a shot of me on the mainland before we took the ferry over.

A shot of each of us in front of Lady Liberty. Did you know she's made completely out of copper, as thin as 2 pennies thick?

This is the original flame from the Lady. It was removed during the renovation of the 80's because the glass had been leaking over the previous 100 years and made the copper shell begin to erode.

A pic through the cherry blossoms

Currently you can only climb to the top of the pedestal that supports the Statue of Liberty. This is a shot of the shadow from the top of the pedestal.

The 160 stairs that lead to the very top of the Statue. They've been closed since 2001 to visitors.

Me from the pedestal and the NY Skyline in the background.

After the statue, we stopped at the world trade center site which is under construction. Memorial across the street, and a shot of the construction site.

Monday we did the Empire State Building. I'll spare you all the shots of the island. Here's a shot up at the steeple and of me at the top.

We then headed up 5th Avenue. Look at all the people!

And saw the NY Public Library. Recognize it from Ghostbusters?

A shot from the inside:

Just a few blocks up, we stopped at Times Square.

In Times Square we got free tickets to see David Letterman. Here I am waiting to get our tickets.

Me in front of FAO Schwartz of "Big" fame.

Tuesday we did a quick tour of Central Park

And stopped by St. Patrick's Cathedral. This is where Kennedy got married.

After a quick lunch at the Carnegie Deli...

We headed home on Tuesday and resumed our boring lives in LA!

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