Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Birthday BBQ - July 4

July 4 is my dad's birthday so every year we have a BBQ for him. This year was Kevin's first time in the pool!

Notice his poor little face. On Friday he scratched himself at daycare. Then Sunday before we went to the bbq, he was standing at the front security gate when Amanda opened the door. He came tumbling out and fell down the front step onto his nose. Got a nosebleed and scratched up his upper lip and his forehead as well. Nice.

Daddy let Kevin play with his root beer can. Kevin kept trying to get a taste.

Randomly a HUGE military plane flew really low over the house. Moments before a helicopter had circled and run a siren (like you would hear if the cops were pulling you over). We surmised they must have been clearing the area for the plane. Something we had never seen before!

Amanda helped Grandpa blow out his candles.

Kids were getting pretty tired as the night wore on. Kevin was falling asleep on Grandma's shoulder.
Amanda helped Grandpa open his gifts.

And then we headed home. No fireworks for us this year. The kids were just exhausted after 2 full days of exciting, new things. We decided it was better they get plenty of sleep than to keep them up for fireworks.

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