Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bad week and it's only Tuesday

I am not having a good week at all.

Started with Sunday waking up and not feeling great. But we had plans to go snowboarding, so off we went. Dropped the kids at Grandma & Grandpa’s and Mike & I went snowboarding for the day. When we got there, two people were selling their free lift passes for about half of what the list price for lift passes is. We’ve done this before with no problems, but guess what, one of them was already USED! So we got swindled :(

Then we stopped at Applebee’s for dinner on the way home (aka nice dinner out without the kids!) and our server took FORever, so we ended up getting back to pick up the kids extra late. AND when we picked them up, Kevin felt warm like had a fever (though he did not by the time we got home). Not good. He slept terribly that night, waking up several times and crying until someone came in to give him a pacifier.

Monday (Valentine’s Day) I went to the eye doctor for my one month appointment. My left eye is still blurry. Doc didn’t seem concerned about this at all! Brushed me off and told me to come back in 2 months. *sigh* Also had a dentist appt. to get my permanent crown put in. Discovered I am also due for a cleaning, but guess what, in all of the last 5 appointments I’ve had for this tooth, they failed to mention this, and I have to come back AGAIN to get my teeth cleaned! WTF, you couldn’t combine some of this??

That night sucked too. Kids were in bad moods when I picked them up. Mike got stuck in terrible traffic and made it home extra late. I let him eat dinner and gave Amanda a bath (he usually does it). When it was time to get out she usually pushes the drain, but not last night, she wanted me to do it. So I leaned in to push the button, and my BRAND NEW EXPENSIVE cell phone that was in my pocket dropped out and into the water!!!! UGH. I turned it off and put it in rice which is apparently supposed to help absorb the water, so hopefully it is still useable because I have no insurance. All the advice says to wait 3 days to even turn it on, so I am crossing my fingers

THEN, Kevin was up several times that night crying uncontrollably. After several attempts to put him back down I finally felt in his mouth and discovered not one but TWO molars coming in. One dose of Ibuprofen and orajel later, he finally gave me some sleep, but he was still up again early and I am exhausted today.

I am loathe to find out what the rest of the week has in store for me.  Already today at work has not been going well.  *double sigh*

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Erica said...

OMG with the dentist. Ahhh!!!