Friday, February 18, 2011


Kevin loves to chase Sophie. He is just now learning how to be "gentle", so Sophie often runs away.

Even under the boat.

RIGHT after that picture was taken Kevin ran into the light that sticks out from the trailer of the boat. He cried and ran over to me, and then immediately went back and hit it a couple times, like he was trying to say "Dang light, don't stick out like that!" You can see the tears still on his face in this picture:


Kevin is still at the age where he doesn't "pose" for my pictures so I get some of the cutest pics of him.


The previous set of pictures was taken on Thursday when Kevin was home sick. After we picked up Amanda from Preschool, we went and picked up a chair for Kevin so both kids have their own chair to sit in.

This last pic is of both kids in their chairs.


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