Thursday, July 14, 2011


Ever have one of those "I wish I did that earlier" moments?  That is today.  I found out yesterday and this morning that the kids' daycare moved all the kids up to new classrooms this week.  All, that is, except my kids.  I can kind of get where they are coming from since we are leaving this particular daycare August 1.  And truthfully I appreciate the non-move for Kevin who has barely been in this classroom a few short months anyway.  But Amanda?  Really?  She has been stuck in preschool for 18 months at this point and I have tried every which way from Sunday to get her moved up to the pre-K class, and they refused 10 times over (saying they wanted to move the whole class together and there wasn't enough room for them all).  So now that I decided to leave, you move everyone up.  Nice.

I REALLY wish we had been able to move earlier.  But alas, Kevin can't go to the new place until he's 2 which is July 27.  So we are stuck at this place for 2 more weeks.

Meanwhile every day Amanda comes home crying because she didn't get to go on the field trips with the pre-K class, and she doesn't want to go to preschool again tomorrow.  It is heartbreaking when I remember the first week she was in preschool and would come home smiling and excited about all the new stuff she was learning.  I know it's only 2 weeks, but for a preschooler, 2 weeks is like 2 years and her emotions always run into our time at home where she fights more with the rest of us.  *sigh*  God grand me the patience to get through the next 2 weeks!!!

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