Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas & after Christmas photos

So, for Christmas Day I was asked to bring a pie for dessert.  I decided to finally put my apple peeler/corer/slicer to work and make an apple pie!  Amanda wanted to help, and being that all you have to do is crank, I said "OK"!  So here she is cranking out the apples for our apple pie!
December2011 001
December2011 004

Christmas eve at my sister's house, here's my mom & Kevin.
December2011 018

And Amanda discovered Andrew's Leapster. My mom helped her with some of the games, and they had a good time for at least an hour!
December2011 024

After dinner, it was time to open a present, and Amanda picked one from Aunt Erin & family. She opened it and discovered it was the same present she had just gotten from my best friend! Oops!
December2011 035

Then the kids wanted to take a bath, so we ran a bath thinking the older two would take a bath first, and then the younger two afterwards. Ummm, nope. Everyone wanted to get in the bath together. So that's what they did!
December2011 037

(I have no pics from Christmas Day)

On the Wednesday after Christmas we headed to Travel Town at Griffith Park with our good friends the Mascari's. Here's Amanda & Nick next to a train wheel.
December2011 043

And the whole group walking on the train tracks.
December2011 047

I tried to get all 4 kids in one shot, but didn't get that great of a pic. Mady couldn't see over the top very well, and Amanda was being silly.
December2011 074

Daddy helping Kevin walk on the tracks.
December2011 090

And Kevin's FAVORITE part - riding on the train!
December2011 095
December2011 100

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